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Iron Golem

Posted in General Ramblings, Ships on April 19, 2010 by tulirsramblings

Yeah, my Golem is named ‘Iron’. At least till I get a better name. Bite me. You’d figure I’d have a good name lined up by now, but… guess not.

Golem in Action

Above is an ‘in action’ shot of the Golem, shooting things in a mission I was running last night. I’m being pretty cautious with the ship at the moment; getting used to the new hull and being careful while I get some skills under my belt (like Marauders IV for instance). I was going to wait to get into the hull till Mar IV was done, but it’s too smexy for that, and I’ve been pretty careful to get most of the skills done already so it’s fit to fly as is.

As for the fit, this is what I’m currently running while soloing:

Solo build

And here’s my build for when I run duo with a corp mate:

Duo'd Build

In general the plan is to primarily run the Golem in a duo with a corp mate who’ll be in an Arty Machariel. He takes the long range, I take the short, and we plow through missions; the duo’d build relies on a mutual large energy transfer to be cap stable and run its 3 target painters. The free high slots are pretty much to taste; sometimes I’ll want drone range, sometimes I’ll want tractors, etc.

I still have some skilling up to do before I’ll be satisfied with the beast. It’s a decent machine now or I wouldn’t be in the hull (in general, I don’t like getting into hulls before I’m really ready for them) but it could use improvement.

Let me know what you think of the build.