We has a squatter

WH life has been fairly constant lately. One of our members has left the hole, some others have had more time, others have had less… standard crap. One thing we do feel more than larger corps due to our small size is when a couple folks don’t have time available in an evening. We lose 2-3 members for a night, and suddenly we can’t do anything, it’s unfortunate.

And the numbers in the corp are unlikely to change much, unless we change how the corp runs, in the short term. Our corp is fairly open to folks ripping us off of stuff if they wanted, permissions are fairly wide open, Ship Maintenance Arrays are accessible to anyone, etc. And frankly, I don’t want to change that unless there a need.

Anyways… We has a Squatter. Not quite sure who they are even though we have a good idea. Regardless we’ve seen a Nemesis in our local system off and on the past couple days, and probes out a number of times. We’ll see how it goes, but in general that’s bad mojo. Either they’re going to get more allies in to engage our POS’ (though that’s really not worth their time), or at the very least we’ll have to worry about raids and interference as we go about our regular daily stuff.  It definately means having more active CAP than usual, which when mixed with our lower pilot availability is going to impact profits. Thus is life though.

Speaking of life, hopefully mine will clear up some and I’ll get more ingame time. Between the hockey playoffs and other RL stuff I’ve been on less, and less attention has been ingame as well lately.


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  1. We /had/ a squatter.

    An ugly fight, but the squatter is gone.

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