WH Space and RL Timing

One of the issues that arises in WH space is something that wasn’t completely obvious when we first started in there, but has continued to be an issue throughout our stay in WH land.

Sometimes there’s nothing to do. There are definite ‘dead’ times while in WH space, times when there’s nothing in local we can do (maybe not enough combat pilots for combat sites and no local grav/ladar, whatever) and the WH to next door is in a bad state and we don’t want to push it. Example if it’s critical or going to collapse soon or whatever. Typically these times are at most 2 hours or so, and generally they’re controllable such that they don’t interfere with daily operations much.

Sometimes though we can run into these issues, and they arrive at the exact worst time for one of our members. Some of our corp mates have shortish availability most evenings. They have kids or RL obligations or an early work shift or whatever and they only have 2-3 hours available to do much of anything, and when that availability is taken up by one of these ‘dead’ times… that sucks. Such was the case last night, D logged on just as we were wrapping up stuff next door, and that left him with nothing to do WH wise (which clearly irritated him a fair bit, given his reaction on Vent). Didn’t help that I was pretty frustrated myself by the time they logged on, so maybe wasn’t as helpful as I could have been.

But still, what to do about it? I’m not always sure about that one. A number of our corp mates do have folks in highsec, so they have things to do, even if they’re not what they want to be doing. And while there’s always a ton do to in Eve, they often involve other people, so when you’re the odd man out and arrive at the wrong time it blows. ‘Go do highsec missioning’ when you were keen on blowing up some sleepers and mining some ore is pretty crappy.

These are the things that cause folks to change corps. And while I don’t think this is the likely in this particular case (D and I are RL family), it’s definately something I’m looking at mitigating. Part of that will come with the reactions of those who end up in this situation, and some will come with a viable option in these times.

Oh, and the Golem is pretty snazzy. Though I’ve made some changes to the posted fits; on my solo fit the highs are 2 tractors and a salvager, and on my duo fit it’s 2 tractors (salvager alt). It’s proven more effective as I rarely needed the extra drone range, but the ability to loot stuff and the like has been a nice benefit. Especially since it doesn’t actually slow down the mission running at all. Go Marauders. Missioning itself is still it’s boring self mind you, but hey, it’s something to do when no one else is around.


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