It’s so close I can taste it…

By Sunday, Kor will be able to fly the Marauder. This has been a long time coming; my original ‘long term plan’ for the Marauder predates reactivating my account just under a year ago. For a primarily PvE focused character (which he was for a long time) it represents, to at least a certain extent, the epitome of mission running goodness.

I have the isk put aside for the Golem, and as per the most universal of Eve rules (Don’t fly a ship unless you can afford to lose it) I have enough to put together another one should I need; if maybe not as well fit. Between the hull and the components (no officer pieces, but still…) it’ll be fairly pricey, but I already own a lot of the components I need from Kor’s last visit to highsec, and the rest will come. I’ll have to be careful a bit about suicide ganks as all Golem pilots should be, but it shouldn’t be too much of a concern. It’s not going to pop that easy, and if it’s in space I’m at the keyboard paying attention to folks around me. Hopefully that’ll be enough. :)

This does mean that Kor is going to leave the WH for a while. The Golem is going to primarily be a mission running beast, and while Kor is already up there in rep he could still use some more Caldari State rep for POS placement. I’ve also realized recently that there is another L V agent in the same sector of space as the 2 Caldari Navy ones I was planning on using, so I’m probably going to plow through that rep while I’m in highsec. Having never run a L V mission (though I hear they’re easier than the sleepers we fight regularly) it’s on my list of things to do in Eve, and if I’m doing them, I may as well have access to doing them right.

I’m not sure how long he’s going to be out there, but at least a little while. It’s going to be nice to have regular access to the market and lowsec roams and the like, and especially nice to be in the same area of space my Fiance’s combat pilot is so we can run missions together and maybe do get killed in PvP together. The Golem will eventually enter WH space when the corp is closer to being ready for C6 combat sites, but that’s a ways away yet.

As a note, this will mean I’ll be getting my ‘Elite Fitting Certificate’ in a week or two (I’m still missing Engineering V. Yeah, PWG hasn’t been much of a concern to date). After that, I’m still working on Kor’s plan. Either head towards a Widow just because it looks so cool (and the skills are on the way to a Dreadnaught anyways, which is one of Kor’s further goals) or just fortify my current skills some. I have at least a couple months of solid skills in the ‘just get me better at what I do now’ range.

Assuming I can figure out how to put up images in here, expect an image of the new Golem when she’s airborne. I’ll probably post the fit too when the time comes; not enough folks read this blog that I’m too concerned about marking myself a gank target. And really, the ship isn’t worth THAT much.


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