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WH Space and RL Timing

Posted in General Ramblings on April 22, 2010 by tulirsramblings

One of the issues that arises in WH space is something that wasn’t completely obvious when we first started in there, but has continued to be an issue throughout our stay in WH land.

Sometimes there’s nothing to do. There are definite ‘dead’ times while in WH space, times when there’s nothing in local we can do (maybe not enough combat pilots for combat sites and no local grav/ladar, whatever) and the WH to next door is in a bad state and we don’t want to push it. Example if it’s critical or going to collapse soon or whatever. Typically these times are at most 2 hours or so, and generally they’re controllable such that they don’t interfere with daily operations much.

Sometimes though we can run into these issues, and they arrive at the exact worst time for one of our members. Some of our corp mates have shortish availability most evenings. They have kids or RL obligations or an early work shift or whatever and they only have 2-3 hours available to do much of anything, and when that availability is taken up by one of these ‘dead’ times… that sucks. Such was the case last night, D logged on just as we were wrapping up stuff next door, and that left him with nothing to do WH wise (which clearly irritated him a fair bit, given his reaction on Vent). Didn’t help that I was pretty frustrated myself by the time they logged on, so maybe wasn’t as helpful as I could have been.

But still, what to do about it? I’m not always sure about that one. A number of our corp mates do have folks in highsec, so they have things to do, even if they’re not what they want to be doing. And while there’s always a ton do to in Eve, they often involve other people, so when you’re the odd man out and arrive at the wrong time it blows. ‘Go do highsec missioning’ when you were keen on blowing up some sleepers and mining some ore is pretty crappy.

These are the things that cause folks to change corps. And while I don’t think this is the likely in this particular case (D and I are RL family), it’s definately something I’m looking at mitigating. Part of that will come with the reactions of those who end up in this situation, and some will come with a viable option in these times.

Oh, and the Golem is pretty snazzy. Though I’ve made some changes to the posted fits; on my solo fit the highs are 2 tractors and a salvager, and on my duo fit it’s 2 tractors (salvager alt). It’s proven more effective as I rarely needed the extra drone range, but the ability to loot stuff and the like has been a nice benefit. Especially since it doesn’t actually slow down the mission running at all. Go Marauders. Missioning itself is still it’s boring self mind you, but hey, it’s something to do when no one else is around.


Iron Golem

Posted in General Ramblings, Ships on April 19, 2010 by tulirsramblings

Yeah, my Golem is named ‘Iron’. At least till I get a better name. Bite me. You’d figure I’d have a good name lined up by now, but… guess not.

Golem in Action

Above is an ‘in action’ shot of the Golem, shooting things in a mission I was running last night. I’m being pretty cautious with the ship at the moment; getting used to the new hull and being careful while I get some skills under my belt (like Marauders IV for instance). I was going to wait to get into the hull till Mar IV was done, but it’s too smexy for that, and I’ve been pretty careful to get most of the skills done already so it’s fit to fly as is.

As for the fit, this is what I’m currently running while soloing:

Solo build

And here’s my build for when I run duo with a corp mate:

Duo'd Build

In general the plan is to primarily run the Golem in a duo with a corp mate who’ll be in an Arty Machariel. He takes the long range, I take the short, and we plow through missions; the duo’d build relies on a mutual large energy transfer to be cap stable and run its 3 target painters. The free high slots are pretty much to taste; sometimes I’ll want drone range, sometimes I’ll want tractors, etc.

I still have some skilling up to do before I’ll be satisfied with the beast. It’s a decent machine now or I wouldn’t be in the hull (in general, I don’t like getting into hulls before I’m really ready for them) but it could use improvement.

Let me know what you think of the build.

It’s so close I can taste it…

Posted in General Ramblings on April 16, 2010 by tulirsramblings

By Sunday, Kor will be able to fly the Marauder. This has been a long time coming; my original ‘long term plan’ for the Marauder predates reactivating my account just under a year ago. For a primarily PvE focused character (which he was for a long time) it represents, to at least a certain extent, the epitome of mission running goodness.

I have the isk put aside for the Golem, and as per the most universal of Eve rules (Don’t fly a ship unless you can afford to lose it) I have enough to put together another one should I need; if maybe not as well fit. Between the hull and the components (no officer pieces, but still…) it’ll be fairly pricey, but I already own a lot of the components I need from Kor’s last visit to highsec, and the rest will come. I’ll have to be careful a bit about suicide ganks as all Golem pilots should be, but it shouldn’t be too much of a concern. It’s not going to pop that easy, and if it’s in space I’m at the keyboard paying attention to folks around me. Hopefully that’ll be enough. :)

This does mean that Kor is going to leave the WH for a while. The Golem is going to primarily be a mission running beast, and while Kor is already up there in rep he could still use some more Caldari State rep for POS placement. I’ve also realized recently that there is another L V agent in the same sector of space as the 2 Caldari Navy ones I was planning on using, so I’m probably going to plow through that rep while I’m in highsec. Having never run a L V mission (though I hear they’re easier than the sleepers we fight regularly) it’s on my list of things to do in Eve, and if I’m doing them, I may as well have access to doing them right.

I’m not sure how long he’s going to be out there, but at least a little while. It’s going to be nice to have regular access to the market and lowsec roams and the like, and especially nice to be in the same area of space my Fiance’s combat pilot is so we can run missions together and maybe do get killed in PvP together. The Golem will eventually enter WH space when the corp is closer to being ready for C6 combat sites, but that’s a ways away yet.

As a note, this will mean I’ll be getting my ‘Elite Fitting Certificate’ in a week or two (I’m still missing Engineering V. Yeah, PWG hasn’t been much of a concern to date). After that, I’m still working on Kor’s plan. Either head towards a Widow just because it looks so cool (and the skills are on the way to a Dreadnaught anyways, which is one of Kor’s further goals) or just fortify my current skills some. I have at least a couple months of solid skills in the ‘just get me better at what I do now’ range.

Assuming I can figure out how to put up images in here, expect an image of the new Golem when she’s airborne. I’ll probably post the fit too when the time comes; not enough folks read this blog that I’m too concerned about marking myself a gank target. And really, the ship isn’t worth THAT much.

‘Deep Safe’ removal and other stuff

Posted in General Ramblings on April 13, 2010 by tulirsramblings

There has been a recent Dev Blog post regarding changes (removal basically) of deep safe’s in Tyrannus. About time; this is one of those things I’ve read a couple times here and there in my time in Eve (and even one of my own just to test the theory) and every time I come across it I couldn’t help but think ‘This is an exploit. They should fix this, it’s clearly not intended mechanics and gives a large advantage to folks who do this. It’s a cheat, a hack, and hopefully CCP will fix it.’ And lo and behold, years later, they actually do.

Historically I’ve had a open and recorded history with a strong stance against hacks, exploits, cheats… anything that creates an unfair advantage to one party in an manner unintended by game mechanics. Asheron’s Call was my first real MMO and I avoided PvP due to the slide casting crap, and in WoW I’ve made a couple stands on Silver Hand on the matter. WoW due to it’s nature has a lot of exposure to exploits; but thankfully I’ve always been in a position to prevent the groups I run with from using them. I started in WoW as a guild leader of a small corp that was formed with RL friends, and then moved on to a raiding organization of significant size (maybe the largest in all of WoW, we were never really sure) where there was support for similar habits.

Eve still has a couple ‘unfavourable’ actions that currently are used, though some of the ones I find most annoying I think are intentional by CCP these days (Neutral repping in highsec for instance. That should be a true aggression timer, yo) but in time I think CCP will close the most egregious ones. And good on them for removing this one (though I know null sec corps in general are going to lament their removal).

On another note entirely, my Eve time has been somewhat limited lately. Some RL things, I’m mucking around in Star Trek Online a bit, and there’s been ingame issues have made me a bit less interested in logging in. Shift happens though.

The corp did have a PvP runin in lowsec on the weekend while I was busy that went rather… less than optimal. We’ve done a fair bit of analysis on it (probably more than is healthy…) and have identified areas to improve. That all being said though, a lot of our PvP headaches are lack of experience doing it, and that will continue till we lose more ships, basically. In WH space we’re in decent shape, we know the flow of combat and how it runs and can hold our own, but outside the WH it’s a different beast, and it’s a beast we don’t know yet.

Time will tell that one. In the meantime, I’m working on skilling up my toons. Kor is almost done his truck to Marauder (and elite core fitting skills), Tul is done his spider tanking skills and working on Covert Ops for WH scanning, and Kah is well on his way to being done able to build Carriers/Rorqual for our current WH home. We’ve made the decision not to leave our current system in the foreseeable future, and having cap support if we’re engaged in there would be a nice advantage over any invading force.