Hybrid Reactions… good?

We’ve started doing some hybrid reactions in our WH system; I was running the numbers the other day on them and they looked pretty profitable even factoring in things like POS fuel and setup and the like. Given that we already have all the supplies in one of our POS to do the actual reactions, it seemed like the obvious ‘next step’ for our WH home; a bit more profit on a per op basis and should defray most of our fuel costs, assuming the numbers don’t change much. Also helps that the reactions compress the gas/minerals some as well, so there will be less loads to haul out when the time comes.

They’re a bit of a pita to keep up and running; can’t refill the silos unless you offline them, which both stops the current production and means you have to re-online the suckers, and you can only fit so many reactions in one of the silos. 20,000 m3 total space, so 2000 C540 is all that fits which works out to 20 reactions (20 hours) between refills which is a pita to arrange, RL and all that.

Between the hybrid reactions pulling in their bit more to the current op, and a fair bit of good luck with the high quality gas (Instrumentals and Vital LADAR sites) and generally good pilot availability, the current op should be fairly good assuming no bad luck on the way from the WH to sale. It’s always risky moving anything through WH space to empire, but with enough precautions (and we fall on the down right paranoid side of things some days) it can usually be done without issue.

One of the things I haven’t mentioned yet out the corp is our payout structure. Basically it works something like this:

An op starts immediately after we get everything to highsec, and goes till the next highsec run we actually use (usually in the range of a week). There may be highsecs in between we don’t haul out through, but basically we deliminate based on ‘getting stuff to highsec to sell’. Within an op we divide it into days, and for each day you can earn up to 1 share. Earning a share is pretty simple; show up during that day and do some stuff that helps the current WH op. That is all, and while yes it’s possible to game this system, it works for us due to the relatively small tight knit nature of the corp. In one way or another we’ve known each other for years now through prior games mostly, and can trust each other not to deliberately screw with the other folks.

Backed by the fact that I do watch actual productivity and time in hole, and will occasionally beat people with a stick if they show a tendancy to log on for 15 mins a night and game the system(not a literal stick, unfortunately).

Once we have the share total, we figure out how much we made, take POS fuel costs and ship reimbursements(*) off the top, the corp takes 10%, and then the rest is divided into shares and distributed accordingly. In general the system is pretty simple, and encourages people to work together to achieve our goals, and has done us pretty good so far. Occasionally folks have cause to complain about some situation that sucks and makes this system sub optimal, but that happens with pretty much any system.

Oh, and it looks like Crazy Kinux has linked my blog here; thanks for that. I’m not really going out of my way to advertise my ramblings, but some traffic wouldn’t hurt either.

* – While we officially reimburse for ‘any ship and implant lost during a corp op’ most of our members don’t ask for re-reimbursement for when they do silly things like attack enemy ships that were minding their own business, etc. We also don’t tend to ask for reimbursement for expensive things we’ve accepted as our own risk. Example: One of my toons has +5 Attribute implants, means a podding runs me about 3/4 bil isk between all my implants. I don’t ask for reimbursement for that, that’d be silly. :P


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