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TK +2

Posted in General Ramblings on February 26, 2010 by tulirsramblings

So our little WH corp has expanded a bit. We recently had a friend of ours from previous gaming experiences join us in the WH as our play style and time fit him better than the 0.0 corp he was in; he’s been a welcome addition even if his time is more limited than most.

In addition, it looks like we’re getting yet another member joining us from that same 0.0 corp. Also a guy we’ve known for a while, who just doesn’t have the time he’d like to contribute to his corps PvP activities and so is looking for a change of pace in the WH, at least till his schedule changes.

It’s good to get some new blood in here, and to share some of the workload around some. 2 new pilots will be pretty stellar; we were often one or two short of complete WH domination previously so having some folks with decent time around to help out and kill stuff should be good.

Helps that the latest pilot has a ton of PvP experience, and more than double the skillpoints of any of my characters, too. I intend to plumb his brain for PvP information and experience as we can; eventually we may be moving to join a 0.0 alliance in the future and prior knowledge so we don’t make complete fools out of ourselves will be good.

And we can kill more folks. Like the Catalyst (What is it with them recently?) I came across last night. Why would you be flying around the sun in your catalyst when you have a POS in system? And if you are, why wouldn’t you, say, DROP OFF YOUR SKILL BOOKS FIRST. Cheapo skill books, but I know the irritation in not being able to get access to empire space when you need a new book and didn’t have it around already, and now he has 4 books he needs to pick up again.

We were kinda hoping they’d come after me; the corp had 2 other pilots in system and they hopped to battlecruisers when I killed the Destroyer. They stayed home though, which is probably best for them as I had some re-inforcements waiting in the next WH to come assist.


And a Destroyer to cap it off

Posted in General Ramblings on February 23, 2010 by tulirsramblings

It was a pretty good weekend, Eve wise. Despite being a bit short handed, we did pretty well for ourselves. One of our members has taken a break from the WH life and gone topside and is mucking around in Empire space, another member is on vacation for a week, which for a relatively small group like ours is a significant drop in availability.

Thankfully the remaining guys have pulled it together some and we’re still out there kicking butt, harvesting gas, mining, and making a general profit out of things. It’s been good.

And then there was this Catalyst 2 jumps away salvaging for this 5 battleship fleet… yum. 70 mil or so in profit from that kill.

Bubble o' doom

Posted in General Ramblings on February 19, 2010 by tulirsramblings

The other night we were doing a quick look through the new U574, and lo and behold… thar be hulks in there. A pair of them by the look of it, so I grabbed the Buzzard and tried to track them down.

I really like the challenge of the scanning game in WH space. Warp around, try and get their distances from various static locations, triangulate their position, scan them down before they see the probes… it’s fun when the opportunity arises. These guys may have gotten a peak at me; my first scan didn’t get them locked down but after I adjusted elevation I got them locked. Shortly afterward one of the hulks warped away (and may have refit for some ECM, as he had all 4 midslots fit with ECM) but came back before I was in position anyways.

Getting to < 10km from the target in a cloaked vessel isn't too bad, though it's not that easy either depending on where they're at. It's given me a much better understanding of where I should put my mining vessels to avoid the same kind of thing… but anyways. Once I got into position I called in the rest of the corp that was available, and in they came.

Let me say that the Broadsword feels like cheating. The hulk pilots definately noticed the first ship that came in (and may have seen stuff on the DScan before that even) but they didn't get the chance to get out of there. By the time they were aligned and accelerating to speed… the Broadsword had landed, the bubble was up, and they were doomed. Not enough time to do anything before we popped both hulks and podded their pilots. It was our first Broadsword supported gank, and man is that thing slick.

Shortly after that we closed the WH into that system as it wasn't worth anything to us anymore, and opened a new one. Decent system, 2 Instrumentals, and a couple other good sigs, and only 1 other WH out. While we did harvest the C320 and clear out the defenders in there, that's not the interesting part.

It turns out, through the L457 WH in that C6, there was a C4 system with 3 POS' in it(all belonging to different corps)… and a ton of ships, looked like 20 or so. At first I thought the three corps in there weren't related, but I quickly realized they were in the same alliance.

However, 15 of the 20 ships? Different alliance for sure. Different alliance, and attacking one of the POS' in the system with a bunch of stealth bombers, a couple harbs, a T2 cruiser, and some interceptors. It looks like that third POS had run out of fuel somewhere along the way, and had let its force field go down and all the defences, and this other corp was taking advantage.

It was pretty entertaining to watch the exchange. A lot of POS pounding, and the defending corps doing minor raids (mostly in stealth bombers) at the attacking group trying to disrupt it; hence the Interceptors assisting in the attack.

I always like watching this kind of thing, while sitting there cloaked and safe (I'm not insane after all). Took them only a couple hours from the time I showed up to pod 4 different interfering pilots, take down the POS, and make off with all the components (2 faction pieces, and the rest non faction). Overall an entertaining day of Eve.

The next night (last night) was pretty relaxed, new WH, scanned it down, had nothing in it, so we mined locally. Got a fair bit of ore out pretty safely, it's all good.

On the skills front, my third pilot is only a couple days away from the Hulk for my second Hulk pilot; though the first one never flies his as he’s now the mining booster (Mining Director V, Warfare Link Specialist V, and the Mining Foreman Mindlink). Once there the new hulk pilot is going for T2 lasers (ABC and Gneiss), T2 mining drones… then back on his original "research and production" path. Nothing too exciting, but it'll be nice having that hulk pilot around; a retriever just doesn't cut it.

Oh, and I’d like to thank A for NOT blowing up any of the Hulk wrecks the other day.

Emptiest full WH Ever

Posted in General Ramblings on February 17, 2010 by tulirsramblings

45 sigs, 4 hours or so of solo scanning, a lot of setup time… and very little to show for it.

For those that don’t know, as long as the defenders are ‘cleared’ you only ever get one set of them for a site, but the site sticks around for about 3 days before it despawns if you don’t empty it out. Last night we found an amazingly full system, checked it up on dotlan, looking promising…

End result was one site to clear of defenders, 4 nanoribbons. Someone else had been in there in the 2-4 day range and cleared the sites of all defenders. Kinda sucked really, but as we employ a bit of the old ‘scorched WH’ ourselves it’s a bit of karmic retribution. Before we crashed we pulled some C540 out of one of the cleared LADAR sites so it wasn’t a complete waste.

Ya win some…

Posted in General Ramblings on February 17, 2010 by tulirsramblings

Being sick sucks by the way. Cuts into both playing and blogging time. C’est la vie.

So I was out scanning the other day; looking for a route to highsec. We’d been a while since our last highsec access and it was time to stock up on some supplies; fuel, a couple folks needed ships, some skill books… the whole shebang. We weren’t having much luck with highsec access, probably our longest break between good connectivity at over a week. However, we finally got a break; there was a K162 into our system that day, and through it a nice class 2 system. Typically they have a good chance of… Yup, there it is, a B274 straight to Highsec. 3 POS’ as well, but they weren’t within scanning range of either WH, so not horrible as long as we keep an eye open.

And the WH not only went to highsec, it was 6 jumps from Jita highsec awesomeness. For all your hauling needs, this one was pretty stellar. I also scanned down the other sigs in system (one Ladar and one Grav).

Unfortunately our freighter pilot wasn’t around at that time, but we did some small scale stuff while waiting for him. A and D got in their new hulls (Huginn and Broadsword respectively) while I kept an eye on things, and watched both POS’.

It was shortly after they got their hulls in and D was doing some cleanup work in his Itty V (taking extra stuff out of the WH, and repackaging stuff.) that I first noticed the Legion on my Dscan. Shortly thereafter, voila, it was at the B274 WH and apparently watching it. Warped around a bit here and there, and then went back to the B274 and sat on it. Probably got a glimpse of us.

Feeling a bit bloodthirsty (and we were curious too, never fought a T3 cruiser…) we tried to figure a way to get him to engage, and get enough firepower to take him out. We’re not going to try and take a T3 cruiser one on one; so we need to lay a trap for him or lure him somewhere and get him away from the WH.

But… we couldn’t bring any new ships in while he was at that WH. Assuming he was actively scanning (<5s between scans) he'd see any ships we brought it and he'd know we didn't come from highsec. We wanted him to think we were highsec noobs just out scanning.

Soon enough though, he left the WH and was reported back at his POS. So I kept Kor in system, and jumped Tulir into his Harbinger, and brought him to play.

A couple things to note about Tulir: At this point, he had just enough skills points to fit a harbinger, but no support skills. None. No gunnery skills, no navigation skills, nothing. He's been focused on leadership and mining buff skills for a long time and those are pretty much all he had. BUT he could pilot a ship that looks like a decent target for a T3 cruiser, and at least contribute if the time came.

So the bait was out, and we got ready. Sure enough, soon after warping the Harb to within scan range of the Legion’s POS, he came out looking.

Eventually I decided to sit the Harb on the Grav site in system; eventually the Legion (who I knew had scanned out the system) would look there. Eventually nothing… shortly after landing at the Grav he showed up and locked the Harb.

I gave the shout out on Vent, and sat there for a moment waiting as folks warped in. He didn’t fire at me at first, I think he was waiting for something… but as soon as I shot him he opened fire and it was on. I got the point on him and a web, and sat there waiting for allies to arrive.

Man, the tank on that thing was pretty sick. Overall we had a Broadsword (not fitted with the warp bubble gun yet), a Nemesis, a Manticore, a Rapier and of course Tulir’s really badly skilled Harbinger. He wasn’t going anywhere, but it took a long time to get him dead; Tulir had to warp out and back in at one point to avoid getting popped.

We did a couple things sub-optimally, and learned from the experience. First, drones are good. Second, he should have gone back to the Harb when he came back, but he stayed on his new target till he died which was rather strange. Oh, and our PvP ships need much more dps, especially against cruiser sized hulls (even with TP’s, stealth bombers just don’t bring the boom).

Eventually he popped admidst much rejoicing. We were stoked, curious if he dropped any faction loot, and just happy with the kill. I was closest to the wreck having sat the Harb right beside him, and as I closed to within 2.5 km… the wreck popped.

Apparently A had queued up his guns, and targeted the wreck by accident. Looking at the killmail afterward, it was 40 mil or so dropped total, one faction piece and some other goodies. Would have been nice to scoop, but instead… we get to harass A until the end of time. I call that a fair trade.

That was the good. The next day? We lost 2 hulks and their 2 pods in our home system. Pilots were doing their due diligence with the D scan, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Best thing they could have done is have someone actively watch the WH; this lesson has been learned.

This is one of the things I like most about Eve. I’ve been playing it for about a year now, give or take, and there’s still a lot to learn on a regular basis. Never make the same mistake twice, but there’s a lot of mistakes to make, and even if you don’t make the same mistake again, that doesn’t mean your fleet mate won’t have a mental lapse and get you all killed. :P


Posted in General Ramblings on February 3, 2010 by tulirsramblings

Well, looks like today marks the end of the current incarnation of The Goons.

Good riddance; I’m sure they’ll be around in one form or another, but the only good thing they provided to the universe of Eve was a single target for everyone to hate. Without that things will be interesting in nullsec for sure; I’d expect a NAP or two to fall in the next while without the Goons unifying presence.

Should be fun to watch.



Posted in General Ramblings on February 2, 2010 by tulirsramblings

I’m going to go over a quick introduction here. If that’s not your thing… why did you keep reading after looking at the title?

Like many others who started up blogging, I first got into reading blogs about Eve a little while ago and found that I liked reading them. A lot of good stories, good tidbits about this very complex little game, good advice and bad advice… time well spent. Usually during those small breaks in the typical work day I get.

My main is the CEO of a Eve Corp that currently lives in WH space. We’ve been in there a couple months now, and had some fun times, and some boring and painful ones. Thus is the life of Eve; and it’s a good life. I’ve debated with myself some about how much to put into this blog when it comes to corporate information; but given the relatively small corp and the fact that we live typically well away from empire… I’m not too concerned about it. And frankly, given the name of the blog  with some time spent you can probably put it together if you wanted. Not sure why you would, but hey, that’s your time. Waste it at your leisure.

Tulir Daemenshan is my main, TK Corp is the corp; you’ll also hear talk about Korinth Daemenshan my more combat oriented pilot and Kahlil Daemenshan my support/industry toon in training. TK Corp is a relatively small corp, based entirely on friends from beyond the world of Eve, who were attracted to this game originally in one way or another and got together to play this game together and have some fun with it. We’re open to and engage in all aspects of Eve and while not a pirate corp persay, we’re happy and willing to engage folks who leave themselves vulnerable; but only when appropriate, and typically in nullsec or lowsec. You won’t see us can flipping or scamming or anything like that. If you do, tell me, and I’ll go visit someone and bring a stick. :P

Most of our time these days is spent in the day to day handling of our home WH system and the connecting systems. We’re currently living in a C4 WH with a static C6 as our only static. Typically this leaves us pretty deep in WH space, without much Empire access, which is both good and bad, and also with a lot of access to minerals, gas, and the other interests of WH space.

For the blog; I’m not going to fill space with history. It’s there, it’s done, it was good and painful and things were learned. I am going to go forward with thoughts about the game; sometimes analytic sometimes philosophic as well as share interesting and amusing stories.

So no, J, I won’t relate how you killed Kor with a bomb the other day.